Mel and Kyra

Esse é um conto que escrevi há um bom tempo atrás, quando gostava mais de escrever em inglês. Ele serviu de inspiração para começar a escrever O Amor, Simplesmente. Espero que gostem… 😉

She was alone that morning. And then she decided to call her. Last night was weird and she didnt understand much thing.

It all began yesterday at afternoon. Lying in bed alone at home and with some pot to waste. The cellphone in silence. She got up jumping and without thinking called Mel to go to somewhere where they can burn all the pot.

Mel and Kyra were best friends. They liked to party all night long and sleep all day, just like their friends with 16, 17. But last night Mel had a long family dinner and Kyra was alone, so she stayed at home too. They were the kind of friends that everybody used to call inseperable. They liked that. Love eachother, understand eachother and were perfect together. They don’t care about the gossips around them actually they think it was funny, everybody thought they’re a couple. But like best friends that subject was never discussed.

Mel and Kyra studied six months in the same school, but Mel’s father broke and she went to public school but the friendship doesn’t need money right? So they’re still friends, about a year now.

That afternoon was hot, so fucking hot actually. The pot would be enough to both of them forget the rest of life. when they’re high all that matters was each other. That afternoon wasn’t different…..yet.

Mel and Kyra went to the same place at the park. There was a old bank in the corner, right behind a big old tree, where nobody would see them there.

About a hour later, they’re high enough to forget the clock, the day, family, everything! And, without thinking, Mel pushed Kyra and she felt on the floor, both laughing, like a game or something like that. Mel jumped and lay on top of Kyra on the floor.

They were so close, their breath combine and their mouth, slowly was getting closer, and then, the kiss.

Was the best kiss ever. And what to do now?


Sapatão convicta. Nunca recuso uma cerveja gelada e batata frita. Amo samba, pagode, funk, etc. Me chama pro barzinho, pra baladinha, pra show... pode escolher, eu topo! Geminiana com ascendente em câncer.

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